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 A home inspection is a visual non-invasive evaluation of the readily accessible systems and components of a structure at a specific point in time. A home inspection report is the written product of this evaluation.  Tennessee Real Estate inspections delivers your report via email on the same day as your inspection.

Clients are encouraged to meet their inspector at the end of the allotted inspection time to discuss the findings.  It is a great time to get answers to inspection questions.

What is inspected, as prescribed by the State of TN Standards of Practice:

Exterior Components

Foundation and Structural Components

Roof Covering

Insulation and Ventilation



Heating and Cooling Systems

Built in Kitchen Appliances

Interior components

To see the complete list of requirements and exclusions in the Tennessee Standards of Practice

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At Tennessee Real Estate Inspections we wanted to keep our pricing simple.

We have one basic minimum charge of 350$

If the structure is 3000 square feet or larger we charge .12 cents per sq ft.   No added fees for distance or age, Simple!

Sample Reports

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